Sisters Unchained

Love Community Abolition

We connect with young women of color whose loved ones are currently or formerly incarcerated. We aim to work towards a world without prisons.

Rides for Daughters

We facilitate rides for young women and girls with incarcerated parents to visit their loved ones in MA state prisons/county jails.

Sister Sessions

We will hold monthly lunches for open to young women ages 13 and up who are affected by parental incarceration.

Summer Intensive

More than just a summer program. We are committed to reclaiming our truths and setting ourselves free from the stigma around incarceration.

Our Campaigns


Sister Summit 2021

2021 Campaign

Learn about the impact of seven years supporting the leadership of daughters with incarcerated parents. Sisters Unchained will share our work, experiences, as well as reflections on our individual and collective journeys towards prison abolition.



Shadow Puppetry Workshop Focused On Abolition

Fall, 2020 Session

Shadow puppetry workshop led by Deborah Hunt as part of our partnership AgitArte for the community engagement of our project On the Eve that’s in the works and our continued work in support of clemency.


Radical Abolitionist Healing

Summer, 2020 Campaign

This summer looked a lot different for us along with the rest of the world due to the pandemic.We held our entire program via zoom.


Radical Abolitionist Healing

Summer, 2019 Campaign

Radical abolitionist healing is understanding the root of our trauma to transform ourselves and heal generations to come. We cannot practice abolition without healing and vice versa.


We Are Because She Was

2018 Campaign

Honoring our ancestors and the women that came before us.



Primary Caretaker Bill

2017 Campaign

In June 2017, we worked closely with formerly incarcerated mothers who drafted the Primary Caretakers bill.


Decriminalizing Homelessness

2016 Campaign

SU focused on providing lunches to local people who are homeless and having conversations around their experience with the criminal justice system.



FREE HER Conference

2015 Campaign

SU attended the FREE HER conference. This is an annual conference that brings together powerful leaders from across the country who are formerly incarcerated women, family members of the incarcerated, and grassroots organizers.


About Us

Sisters Unchained was founded in 2015 by Ayana Aubourg, Meron Teklehaimanot, and Vanessa Ly. Sisters Unchained was launched after the first summer of a pilot program called Coding for Justice, which was created by Andrea James, founder of Families for Justice as Healing, in 2014.


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