Sister Sessions

We will hold monthly sessions for open to young women ages 13 and up who are affected by parental incarceration.

About Sister Sessions

We hold monthly sessions open to young women and girls who have an incarcerated loved one and/or have been justice involved. Our sessions include the following: sister circles; skills sharing; letter writing to incarcerated community members; movie screenings; book club; yoga; lunches; and more. We hold this space because we recognize the importance of sustaining our sister-community beyond the realm of our 6-week summer intensive. 

This is also an opportunity for young women and girls who could not participate in our summer intensive to still be connected to our sisterhood. We have created a Sisters Unchained server to build an online community network for young women and girls with incarcerated parents, incarcerated loved ones, and/or are system-involved. Members have access to monthly online Sisters Unchained events, as well as resources, and forums. Our goal is to continue growing a network of directly affected young women and girls locally, nationally and globally who can connect with one another virtually. 

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