Rides for Families

We facilitate rides for young women and girls with incarcerated parents to visit their loved ones in MA state prisons/county jails.

About Rides for Families

Our Rides for Families initiative provides free transportation services for children with incarcerated parents to visit their incarcerated family at any MA state prison or county jail. This is important to our goal of keeping families connected. In addition to providing free transportation service to children and their families, we also aim to hold space to decompress, process, and heal from the trauma, frustration, and emotional toll it takes to visit a loved one in prison. Our intention is to invite members of our community who are trusted healers to make the trips with us and offer their skills and various healing modalities as well as ancestral medicine.

Currently, this initiative has been placed on hold due to Covid. Once the MA Department of Corrections allows in person visitation again, we will resume this service twice a month.

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